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When the Shop Pandora Earrings collection debuted, I was utterly in love with the Wild Hearts Murano. Initially I’d planned to visit my local Pandora concept store to purchase one but ultimately decided to try out the relatively new Danish Pandora e-store. The transaction went perfectly albeit I was a little shocked at the delivery time as the charms shipped from Holland rather than Denmark. Nevertheless they arrived in six days and I haven’t been at all disappointed with the muranos.


In late May the Ohm Beads Animal Charms collection debuted. Pandora Earrings on Sale Animal designs always seem to be solid sellers for brands and Ohm Beads executed these new designs incredibly well. Further to that they opted to represent more unusual animals, to the extent I had to sit down and Google one of them. While I’d initially groaned a little at the prospect of animal charms from a brand known for deviating from the norm, they’re actually very good additions to their catalogue.

The individual charms are the Ohm Beads Ernie The Badger, Ohm Beads Saul The Narwhal, Ohm Beads Paula The Red Panda, Ohm Beads Ava The Aye Aye, Ohm Beads Honey The Sugar Glider and Ohm Beads Barb The Bilby. Buy Pandora Earrings Online The Ohm Beads Ernie The Badger is one of my favourites as he feels such a cheerful little guy. He’s created in a really playful pose, almost looking like a cub.

For the Diva. We all have that special friend who loves showing off her inner princess by embracing all the glitz and glam. With hundreds of sparkly and shiny Pandora Earrings Outlet to choose from, you can easily find the perfect charm that shows her how much you love her flashy personality. Below are some of our favorites to give you a few ideas. The animal lover in your wedding party has a gentle soul and a deep connection with furry friends. From elephants to dogs to pandas to birds, there is a PANDORA charm for your animal loving bridesmaid. Below are some of the most popular animal charms to give you a little inspiration.

This article is a real deviation from the norm for me. It’s been a long time since I’ve bought a Pandora Earrings Men/Women bead (I stopped buying them shortly after my first Trollbead’s purchase) but I had a newsletter arrive this afternoon from a UK store advertising new murano glass beads from Pandora. In honesty, I’m not quite sure when there were released so it’s possible that they’ve been in the collection for some time but they’re really rather cute and so I decided they were worthy of a quick mention.